Glueck Tree FarmProject Details

Glueck Tree Farm was the first of the tree farm site we have done, and in 2016, they honored us with a request to redo their website. The web had changed considerably is the first time we did their website, and they desired a simper system that gave them the same types of capabilities. The old site was great, but wiht aging technology and security, it had become a liability. The new site contains many of the same specialized processes that made it easier for the non-tech savy to be able to maintain their site easily and effectively, but more streamlined. One of the most important items a grower needs to broadcast is their availability and product information. However, as you can imagine, growers and farmers need to spend their time in the field, not on the computer. The grower can update on a computer, or with a smart phone in the field. We gave them simple to understand interface, and made it so they can easily upload their pictures of products. We also took into consideration the need to keep a running inventory, and not have to duplicate work.  This site is very sophisticated in its simplicity, and takes care of the heavy lifting when it comes to managing of product inventory and broadcasting. This new version is also built on a responsive platform, so it is phone and tablet friendly. Check out the website at


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