We have done both 2d and 3d animation work. Check out some of these examples-

One of our oil industry clients needed an excellent looking graph to put into a major presentation. We can take you past the standard bar and flow charts, and give graphics that polished look. Aquarium Design Group needed to show a product packaging before the packaging was available. We did this nice little turntable piece.


Novel Ingredient Services

R&R Heat Exchangers needed an on-screen presentation to use in their convention booth. This is our most sophisticated animation project, and was a great success. R&R uses it regularly. On Novel's site, we brought it to life by animating the backround. Click here to have a look.

Here are a couple of the Christmas greetings we have made through the years, using our 3d skills. We hope you enjoy them, and if you are viewing them in December, then Merry Christmas! For the rest of the year, please consider these as examples of what is possible.

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